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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Neighborhood News ~
March 2017 Beacon Knoll HOA Newsletter
The 1st Quarter of 2017 is coming to a close and the Beacon Knoll Board would like to update our community on a number of items.
2017 Annual Meeting Summary – The Annual meeting of the Beacon Knoll HOA was held on January 29.  Attendance we higher than in past years and the Board was pleased to report on a number of positive items including:
2016’s Financial report was very positive as HOA income was above projections and our expenses were below budgeted amounts resulting in the addition of just over $12,000 to our Reserve account in early January.  This was in addition the $12,000 added during the year and included in the annual budget.
The Budget for 2017 was unanimously passed.  Annual Assessments for 2017 remain at
Single Family Homes $610 per year (payable in installments of $305 in January and July)
Villas Owners - $408 per year paid in $102 installments as part of your Quarterly Villas HOA Assessment payment.
Three Board positions were up for election for 2017.  Jim Smith, Pete Quinlin, and Scott Kendrick were elected for these positions.  The Board for 2017 is comprised of
Scott Kendrick:                       President
Richard Hamm:                       Vice-President
Marilynn Martin:                     Treasurer
Pete Quinlin:                           Secretary
Jim Smith:                               At Large
Rick Vanderplough:                At Large
Materials reviewed at the Annual Meeting including the financial summary for 2016 and the budget for 2017 can be downloaded from the Beacon Knoll website.  You must be a registered user and logged in to access the documents.
February Month End Financial Summary – The HOA remains in excellent financial shape and we are off to a good start for 2017.  The HOA’s financial position as of Feb 28 is shown below.
Checking Account at Suntrust -   $60,263.98
Reserve Account at Suntrust -      $32,004.32
Our goal is to make a number of improvements to Beacon Knoll this year while improving our cash and cash reserve positions by making sure we meet our budget projections for income and are at or below our budgeted expense target.
As the Board reviewed at the Annual Meeting, we are starting on a number of projects aimed at improving the lake area and Common Areas.  These include
Lake Shoreline Work – Edwards Lawn has begun improvements along the shoreline of the lake to help prevent any erosion.  This includes the positioning of rip/rap in a few areas and the addition of plants in other areas.  Also, the Board is pleased to report that York County inspected the lake areas and found the area to be in excellent shape.  They did make several recommendations that matched our plans for the lake areas such as the rip/rap addition and adding plants to some of the areas that have a grass edge.
Walkway or Pathway from the Villas to the Common Areas – Some of the vines, briars and undergrowth at the boundary of the Villas and the lake shoreline have been cleared.  We will continue to clean up this area and work to establish a means of easily walking between the Villas and the Common Areas.
Work has begun on upgrading the playground facilities.  Trees have been planted in the area adjacent to the tennis courts.  The next step will be to move a swing set and slide donated by Richard Hamm to this area.  The existing swing set and slide / gym will then be moved to the new, larger playground area.  The Board is also looking into adding benches and other amenities to the playground area.
Cost estimates for the concrete block wall near the clubhouse are being obtained. The Board hopes to have a stone façade completed by mid year.
Clubhouse Work – We will also be working on the landscaping around the clubhouse this spring and improving the interior of the clubhouse with some trim work and other items.
Pool Opening – Pool season is fast approaching and we are working on having the pool in good shape to open in early to mid-May.  If you need a key for the pool or tennis courts, please contact a Board member or email the Board at
Architectural Review Committee for 2017 – As a reminder, please check with the ARC for Beacon Knoll prior to making any additions or modifications to your home of Villa.  Architectural Guidelines for Beacon Knoll can be found on our website and in the Covenants.  The ARC for 2017 is:
Scott Kendrick        
Richard Hamm        
Pete Quinlin            
Marilynn Martin  
Spring Cleaning – As the HOA is working on improving a number of items within Beacon Knoll, the Board would also like to encourage homeowners to work on their lawns and yards and maintain them in a manner consistent with Beacon Knoll.
Communications –Please remember to check the Beacon Knoll website for announcements and information.  You may also want to check our Facebook page for information.  You can also add your name and email address to the Directory on the Beacon Knoll Website to receive announcements and updates via email.
As a reminder the HOA’s mailing address is
Beacon Knoll Homeowners Association
2764 Pleasant Road #10309
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708
March 2017 Beacon Knoll HOA Newsletter

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